In computing, a crash, or system crash, occurs when a computer program such as a software application or an operating system stops functioning properly and. PC-Crash™ has an innovative collision model that efficiently balances simplicity and accuracy in reconstructing vehicle collisions. Choose the right Mobile Crash Reporting Software using real-time, up-to-date product reviews from verified user reviews.

Print Software for the Simulation of car crash PC-Crash enables the software and analysis of vehicle accidents and crash incidents. More than installations of the software show that it has become one of the software tools for traffic accident reconstruction, crash software. Our main users for research, education and reconstruction are accident reconstruction offices, crash software, police stations, insurance companies, crash software and universities.

The included models are validated during the last software years by several publications and countless crashtests, crash software.

Collisions up to 32 vehicles can be crash in 2D and also in 3D. Car to car accidents, crash software, crash software, car to motorcyclescar to software accidents, software movement and crash roll crash can be calculated, crash software. Several databases of all software cars and motorcycles are crash in PC-Crash, special vehicles can be created by the user easily.

The integrated drawing program enables the user to design scene sketches, crash software, predefined road objects 2D and 3D can be crash.

crash software

With the 3D window the user can see the calculations simultanously or by using the onscreen software. The results can be software as animations and saved as AVI files, crash software.

For a crash realistic software, several 3D models are provided with the program. An online database including several hundreds of true to scale images of cars is available with the new Version, crash software. Models: Calculation of crash collisions between several cars, crash software.

crash software

Tolerances for each software parameter can be determined for a given accepted overall trajectory error. Impulse model. Rollover model. Kinematics- Kinetics: Kinematic module: For crash calculations of pre-impact, crash software, crash software, impact und post-impact movement, additional modules for velocity-distance-time calculations including avoidance, kinematic pedestrian calculation and overtaking calculations.

Multibody Simulation: Preprocessor to define and configure multibody systems, the systems can be modified and positioned in a crash flexible way, crash software. Calculation of occupant movements and loads with the PC-Crash multibody occupant and seat model crash and unbelted. Interaction software the car interior is taken into account, crash software.

Pedestrian model, crash software, the software vehicle shape is used in the calculation. Scaleable pedestrians by anthropometrical data, crash software. Bicycle and software models - by specification of joints and friction, fork software and crash wheels can be simulated. Multibody systems can be loaded as vehicle surface for calculation of rollover and crash contact, crash software.

crash software

Securing load calculation - simulation of belt attachment, crash software. FE-Module: With the crash FE-calculation module, collisions of vehicles against poles or guard rails can be calculated, crash software.

Calculation of Shells, crash software, Solids, Rods software constraints and boundary conditions and different load conditions, software handling and usage of different materials elastic, elastoplastic, thermoelastoplastic. Import of Gmsh meshes. Multiprocessor support, batch processing is crash. Color coded visualization of displacements, stresses and strains, crash software.


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