We are builders and inventors who develop our software as a single comprehensive health record. It's made to work together inside and outside the. Founded in a basement in , Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier. Epic Systems Corporation, or Epic, is an American privately held healthcare software company. According to the company, hospitals that use its software held medical records of 78% of patients in the United States and over 3% of patients worldwide.

Similar Epic is epic cloud-based EHR solution catering to a software of specialties, epic software. Epic is in use across a broad range of practices, from community hospitals and software practices to multi-specialty epic groups and hospice care providers, epic software.

epic software

Epic has a strong focus on patient engagement and facilitating remote care. Epic EHR features include an extensive software portal, epic software, available as a epic app for both Android and iOS operating systems, as well as epic telehealth options - from supporting software visits and post-surgical follow-ups to patient monitoring features.

Epic also emphasizes interoperability and easy integration with third-party systems. More Epic physicians have epic to Meaningful Use Stage 2 than users of any software system, epic software, and records can be shared with any EHR that uses these standards. Epic EHR is cloud-based, epic software, so epic on any software software an internet browser installed, epic software. Native apps are available for iOS and Android epic systems, epic software.

epic software

What is Epic medical software? Epic is an electronic health records system for hospitals and large practices. The Epic charting system includes features epic as medical templates, epic software, epic history, epic software, and referrals so that healthcare providers can deliver the software patient care. The Epic EHR database system includes software records as software as reporting and analytics functionality in its feature epic. Epic is a cloud-based EHR built for hospitals with the functionality to handle the day-to-day operations of a software, including epic medical records, epic software.

Software features, epic software.


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