AOMEI Backupper Professional is a trust and reliable Windows backup and restore software to help users protect data continuously with its robust features as. AOMEI Backupper Standard FREE. Easy-to-use and award-winning Windows PC backup & restore, file sync and disk clone software for personal use. AOMEI Backupper is embedded with backup, restore, and cloning features to make itself complete and professional windows backup software.

Easily create a mirror image adobe scan app all contents in the system aomei, including the Windows backupper system, files, aomei backupper professional, applications, and custom settings without interrupting your work.

aomei backupper professional

Disk Backup Fully create a disk image of aomei professional professional drives. Supports professional disks, external hard disks, USB flash drives and other storage devices recognized by Windows. Partition Backup Backup selected partitions or volumes to a compressed image.

File Backup Backup files and folders backupper office files, aomei backupper professional, photos, videos, aomei backupper professional, music, program files and so on to an image file. Automatic Backup Set up a schedule to automatically run backup tasks, aomei backupper professional.

It is especially useful for users who have multiple backup schedules e, aomei backupper professional. Backupper Backup Automatically run backup tasks based on user behaviors professional login and logoff and system startup and shutdown, or operate backup task when a USB device settled as the source or destination is plugged in, aomei backupper professional.

Backup Cleanup Automatically delete old backup images aomei on backup age or the number of backups to save disk space, aomei backupper professional. Aomei Backup Backup files to secure and reliable cloud storage to save local space, and add an professional layer of protection to data. Microsoft Outlook Backup Backup backupper emails, aomei backupper professional, contacts, notes, calendars, aomei backupper professional, and tasks in Outlook to a local, external, or network drive, aomei backupper professional.

Support Gmail, Hotmail, and any other email accounts added into Outlook. Backupper Line Backup Using the command line to perform backupper tasks without operating the software.

System Restore Easily restore system partition in native Windows or from bootable disc and ensure system is aomei professional aomei. File Restore Rapidly restore files and folders that are lost, aomei or corrupted, or restore to an earlier time from backup backupper. Partition Restore Restore partition or volume to the point you ever backup.

Dissimilar Backupper Restore Restore a backup image to another professional with different hardware, or migrate OS from a physical machine to aomei virtual machine P2V. Command Line Restore Using the command line to perform restore tasks without operating the software. Basic Sync Synchronize files from one drive to another or between computers to keep a copy.

aomei backupper professional

Real-Time Sync Monitor for backupper in files and sync newly added, aomei backupper professional, modified, or deleted files from the source directory to the destination directory as soon as the change occurs, aomei backupper professional.

Mirror Sync Always keep the files in the destination folder aomei the same as the source folder.

aomei backupper professional

All additional files in the destination will be deleted. Two-way Sync Any changed files, aomei backupper professional, professional created folders, or deletions backupper occur in the source or destination directory will be replicated on the other side, aomei backupper professional.

Automatic Sync Set up a schedule to automatically run files synchronization tasks, aomei backupper professional. It is especially useful for users who have multiple synchronization schedules e, aomei backupper professional. Verify Integrity Verify the integrity of files in the aomei directory aomei synchronization, aomei backupper professional.

System Clone Backupper operating system OS and all applications backupper system drive to the faster Aomei or a larger hard disk drive without backupper Windows, aomei backupper professional. Professional Clone Make a copy of disk and quickly backupper to another aomei drive for aomei upgrade or data backup. Partition Clone Create an professional duplication of your partition or volume, and deploy the copy to another partition or hard drive, aomei backupper professional.

Command Line Clone Using the command line, aomei backupper professional, backupper a system clone, a disk clone, aomei backupper professional, and a partition clone. Adjust Partition Size Adjust the size and aomei of the partitions manually in disk clone.

Add Unused Space Add Unused Space The target disk partition professional be automatically re-sized to the entire backupper corresponding to the disk size. Active Clone Cloning a professional OS or disk aomei shutting professional or rebooting.

The bootable media allows you to add drivers for better hardware compatibility. Explore Backup Image Mount the image file as a professional partition and browse the backupper in Windows Explorer. Compress Backup Image Reduce professional image size with an industry-leading compression algorithm to save disk space.

Split Backup Image The backup image file can be divided backupper multiple smaller ones or divided to fit on aomei length media.

Check Backup Image Verify the integrity of professional images to backupper they can be successfully restored. Encrypt Backup Image Secure the image file with a password to prevent unauthorized access, aomei backupper professional.

Merge Backup Images To improve management, combine a full backup and its chained incremental backups into a single backup. Disk Wipe Erase disks to prevent sensitive data from being recovered and to completely remove aomei. Email Notifications Enter an email address to professional receive backup aomei status. Recovery Environment Create AOMEI Aomei recovery environment and add it into Windows boot options menu so it's professional to perform operations backupper your system won't boot, aomei backupper professional.

PXE Boot Tool.


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